Free Energy Audit

In order to best determine what areas of your home are not performing efficiently, Wilserv will perform a FREE Visual Energy Audit. The findings of this energy audit will identify areas that need improvements. Your Energy Consultant will present you with the options to increase your home's energy efficiency. This can help save you HUNDREDS ON YOUR ENERGY BILLS!

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Most Effective, Heat-Blocking Insulation

Spray foam is a great investment in your home and will have the largest impact on your energy bills. With a high R-value and air barrier properties, spray foam is a powerful, effective insulation. Foam has a unique ability to fill every opening that can potentially leak air, resulting in a more energy-efficient living space. Foam creates an air-tight barrier between living space and outdoor elements.

Spray foam insulation applied to the underside of the roof deck creates an effective barrier from radiant heat. Radiant heat is the heat that builds up in your attic throughout the day - attic temperatures can reach 160 degrees in the summer heat. Spray foam is the only insulation that will stop radiant heat. You could experience as much as a 50 degree drop with spray foam!

Other Energy Saving Solutions

HVAC Inspection, Replacement & Duct Sealing

On average, about 30% of air conditioning is lost due to duct leaks, duct kinks and other HVAC issues. We review problematic areas and create a plan to resolve any existing issues.

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Water Heater Radiant Shield

Installing a water heater radiant shield and insulation on your supply lines helps to retain the generated heat and prevents the standby heating from overuse - saving you money.

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Energy Efficient Windows

Old windows easily allow air infiltration and solar heat transference. We offer window replacement with our attractive, Energy Smart® Windows adding energy efficiency & comfort.

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Air Infiltration Improvements

There are penetrations throughout your home. Air sealing the home’s envelope, combined with proper ventilation, can reduce your energy bills and eliminate unwanted drafts and pollutants.

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Wilserv Solar Screens

Southern facing windows are huge heat magnets for solar radiation. Our attractive solar shades add glare reduction, lower energy bills, block dangerous UVA/UVB light and retain indoor comfort.

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