Chillin' Since 1976

Wilserv has evolved from a small insulation business in 1976 to one of the leading insulation contractors in the gulf south.

Meet The Founder

Robert Wilson started his insulation career with Wilson Insulation Company in 1976 with a $2,500 bank loan, which he had a brother to co-sign for. After many years of selling, installing and all admin duties employees were added as needed to help in all areas of the business, Wilson Insulation Company grew to 8 locations and volume of over 100 homes a day, which was sold in 2004.

Wilserv Corporation was created in 1986 prior to the sale of Wilson Insulation Company to make energy improvements to older homes, which it is still going strong today.  Our product and services offer was adopted from the Department Of Energy to make improvements to 5 things that represent 80% of heating and cooling energy costs. 

  1. Insulation
  2. HVAC Inspection and Improvements
  3. Water Heater Wrap
  4. Air Infiltration Improvement
  5. Replacement Windows

Experienced. Qualified. Insured.

Wilserv is a certified, licensed contractor with the following associations. Wilserv receives training from the associations and performs all work in compliance with the industry's highest standards.

  • BBB • Better Business Bureau
  • BPI • Building Performance Institute
  • NAHB • National Home Builders Association
  • ICAA • Insulation Contractors Association of America
  • SPFA • Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance
  • Entergy • Utility Provider for The Deep South
  • Cleco • Louisiana Energy Provider

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Better Business Bureau